We are a New York centric marketplace. With that said, we hope to go beyond merely being transactional, and hope to retain you as a client and customer as we mature as a company.


Additionally, we create a monthly newsletter. New York media can focus on the highly absurd, the profoundly artistic, the vile and unpleasant, the exceptionally accomplished, and the politically spirited.


Those are all things we try to avoid: we focus on average occurrences and try to find some good within them.


We do our best to document the parts of the city that are accessible, enjoyable and light to digest. We try to right in a tone that is informative and impartial - old fashioned American practically embodied in Internet Media.


On top of this web media, we send out a quarterly paper newsletter that is mailed out via USPS. It is $40.00 a year.




How else do we monetize? We want to be transparent with you.


1. Our New Years Party: It is a somewhat upscale party to recap that year and look forward into a new decade. | [$125.00]


2. We sell activities for when you are looking for something interesting to do. Please check in with us and we can sell you a tour or activity. Think: walking tours, bar crawls, trolley trips with adult beverage, private real estate visits. | ($25.00 - $450.00)

3. We also maintain a calendar of group activities throughout the year, usually 5 or 6 per year. This is a great way to meet your fellow group members in a group setting hosted by us.

4. Calendar Planning and Itinerary Planning for birthdays, holidays and parties. Low pricing with variable payments.


5. Our Service Directory: We maintain a database of vetted independent providers that we can refer you to. We collect a referral payment for finding them clients, and you get 5 percent of of their listed prices. We also guarantee services up to $200, as we maintain a cash reserve fund for this very reason, which allows you to work with independent providers and reduce the risk when doing so.


6. Through the Subway Shop e-commerce channel, we aggregate items and sell them to you at a price that is profitable for us as a small company. We also sell digital photography, printed posters, music and film, focused on New York City. Each purchase is accompanied by a piece of surprise content, a postcard, wallet art, or maybe a pin. Good enough that you may enjoy, and reasonable enough in cost that you won't hesitate to throw it in the garbage if you do not like it.



7. We are as  IATA accredited Travel Agency as well. We can help you book hotel rooms in New York City and otherwise. Whether a hotel in the Five Boroughs, up and down the East Coast, on Florida, Colorado or California, or anywhere around the globe. We can book your room and send you cash back via Check or Internet Transfer.


8. We offer Real Estate services, as well. We can help you find a new place in the city, whether you are just moving here or if you want to switch neighborhoods or save money or find a nicer place. We do have unlisted inventory that our ongoing partners would not want to list publicly, but rather they trust us to place good people in their cherished apartments. Sometimes this is only as much as an extra room in an outer borough for say $400 or $500 dollars. We actually have below market rentals on a month to month and yearly basis. We also have inventory for non living space such as offices, gathering spots, backyards, and basements for one off rentals.



9. We have also an optional public client database for people to write a few things about themselves, their interests, or their careers. From there, you can reach out to each other. This is included in your Silver membership which also includes the published paper quarterly.


10. We have an online forum and message board for you to post questions, reply to questions, or just chat with your fellow readers. This is handy for when you are bored and want to talk to other and an alternative to say, Facebook or Twitter. It is more intuitive than an email list but not as frenetic as a chat room.



11. We have a list of discounts that you can utilize around New York City to save you some money here and there. For example, we even sell subscriptions to the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, and Crain's. We buy a corporate memberships in bulk, at a discount, and sell them to you at retail, You save money, and we make money, and that supports our endeavors.


You can think of us as a New York City based collective.

In Short


Our Writings


Our Writings detail our list of vendors, different New York establishments, and an assortment of people and occurrences around town.


Let us know if you are interested in staying in touch and learning more about what we are working on. 
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