Magnificent Midtown: An Evening Experience

Magnificent Midtown: An Evening Experience allows you the guest to grab libations, snacks, and insights at every turn. | Because Midtown West is familiar territory for many tourists, this excursion is designed to engage parts of Midtown Manhattan that go under appreciated and under explored.

Stop in coffee shops and bars, get a taste of New York Cheesecake, get a feel for Central Park at night, see nooks of Times Square inaccessible to the average traveler.

Because New York is a City of Characters, we will engage with Gothamites that will add local flavor to your experience.

Our tour features a telecom system – so you will be wearing headsets and will have access to multimedia to make the tour dynamic – music, narration, and video.

We break the mold of many tours – our experience is about meeting each other, feeding off of the collective energy or the city and its people, and making friends within the Big City.

$50.00 for Adults | $35.00 for Children

Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 8:00pm to 11:00pm (3 Hours)


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