We want to help you move to New York City, because we believe so much in the city and the Tri-State in general.

We can share our knowledge, insight and contacts to help you decide if its a move that you would like to make -- if not immediately, then down the line.

We are happy to help a friend, family member or colleague work through such decisions as well. 

We can arrange  a phone call or work via email or text message as well.

We want you to be a happy New Yorker, not just a New Yorker!

How we can help you move to New York:

1. Help finding a job/employment. Craigslist (Casual Jobs) | Indeed (Career Style Jobs) | Recruiter + Employment Agency List (High Touch Assistance) 

2. Sharing our personal and professional contacts with you. | Silver List | Gold List

3. Help you find a sublet and casual employment to temporarily test the city out. | Our Personal Employment Contacts

4. Helping you find an apartment or accommodations in a place and neighborhood that is most suitable for you. | StreetEasy | NYBits | TripleMint


We consider price, culture, commute, and location -- things that may not be obvious by browsing the internet and without a local contact.

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