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Baynes Bikes is a New York biking enterprise designed for locals and visitors alike. We approach biking with a relaxed attitude, and hope you do as well. We help our riders to travel and explore New York at a relaxed and leisurely pace that allows for taking in the sights and sounds of this amazing city.

We are different from ride sharing services in that we operate using a human element and provide dedicated service and local knowledge of Central Brooklyn and neighboring areas. For example, when you get back from riding, there are complimentary snacks, a bottle of water, and a nice bathroom awaiting you. You can hang out for a while (inside or in our backyard garden) and talk about your ride or listen to music. If you would like, we work with the printing service next door and you can print your amazing pictures on 11x18 hard paper (or any other size or surface) for you to take home with you.

Sometimes ride-sharing services feel like a "race to the bottom", and instead we are designed to offer a fair and comfortable exchange to our riders and clients so that you will remember and commemorate the experience for a long time!

We also are great for long term rentals. Many rental services prefer their bikes to be returned by the end of business hours. We don't want hour riders to feel like they are "on the clock". Ideally, you will keep your bike for a few extra days to allow yourself more time to see New York!

You should also consider us for the tour that we operate of Central Brooklyn! It may not be obvious for our riders some of the charms of Central Brooklyn, and you may also just not want to spend to much time looking at a map or searching online for information. Our tour is special in that you are seeing parts of Brooklyn that go unseen by so many: the stately mansions in Ditmas Park, the Carribean influences of Flatbush, the one of a kind Borough Park community, the eclectic diversity of Kensington, the captivating tourist mecca of Coney Island. Sunset Park, Industry City, Bensonhust, Dyker Heights. Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach are all yours to explore and discover.



Rental Pricing:

$25. for a Half-Day Rental | $30. for a Full Day Rental | $45. for a 24 Hour Rental | $55. for a 48 Hour Rental 

$70. for a 3 Day Rental | $85. for a 4 Day Rental | $100. for a 5 Day Rental | $110. for a 6 Day Rental

$120. for a 1 Week Rental | $150. for a 2 Week Rental | $180. for a 3 Week Rental |

$210. - 4 Week Rental | and $25. per Extra Week  


Call/Text/Email: 212-729-1150 |

Baynes Bikes: Brooklyn
​490 McDonald Ave | Brooklyn, NY | 11218

We also operate as Baynes Bikes: Manhattan | (through Partnership with Bike Rental Central Park) 

892 9th Ave | New York, NY | 10019



Pick up from Airport with up to 4 Bikes with a Drop at your Hotel in Manhattan: 

$150 Kennedy Airport | $125 LaGuardia Airport | $120 Newark Airport 

Round Trip from Airport to Hotel with up to 4 Bikes in the 5 Boroughs: 

​$280 Kennedy Airport | $240 LaGuardia Airport | $220 Newark Airport

*Call/Text/Email for Price Quotes for deliveries outside the 5 Boroughs.

**Driver will help you unload your bikes and coordinate for storage at your hotel or on a bike rack.




In 1894, the first bike lane in America was built on Brooklyn’s Ocean Parkway:

The Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway is a 26 mile route connecting Brooklyn's waterfront. “This is a Brooklyn-waterfront route with lots of first-rate new bike lanes, tremendous views of the Manhattan skyline and a great backstory. Three local volunteers—Brian McCormick, Milton Puryear and Meg Fellerath—began organizing nearly 15 years ago to build a continuous greenway [a car-free route with dedicated space for biking, running and walking] from Greenpoint to Sunset Park. Back in 1998, it was a little hard to imagine. Today the building of the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway is official city policy, funded by a federal grant, with preliminary sections already in place. This ride will take you along seven miles roughly following the greenway route, which is ideal for relaxed biking without worrying about traffic. I recommend using a bike with an upright posture, so you can take in the scenes without craning your neck.”

Delivery, by Baynes Bikes


Simply email or text us with your delivery request, either with a product listed on our website or a request, and we will provide with the purchase quote and the delivery fee.

Relax in the comfort of your home, while you have food, candy or household items delivered to you.


Our Delivery Zone is:

Free Delivery


We are delivering food and small products to all places listed in the map above.

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