1. Hotel Concierges


We are actively seeking out ways to partner with you as hotel concierges.


A Hotel Concierge is in an amazing position. You have direct access to the amazing visitors of New York City. When people travel to New York, much like the residents, they are here to shine.


We currently partner with Concierges at The Greenwich Hotel and the Marriott Marquis.

-- We can charge a monthly retainer to hotels to act as an assistant to their concierge staff.

--We can help them do research, fulfill orders, create documents and handouts, and generally accentuate the things that you are already so great at.

--Hotels must maintain their brand standards and that is something that we take very seriously. We can inherit you brand and work with you stylistically to not only maintain your brand image but also to enhance it.


-- We can provide access to our proprietary vendor list that givers you access to experiences that are not accessible to the average concierge.

2. Travel Agents


We hope to one day be listed with Ensemble, Altour, Travel Leaders, and of course Virtuoso.


The way to work towards this goal, is to excel in everything we do and to prove time and time again that we can rise above the expectation of the high-expectation guest.


When you seek us out to create New York experiences for your clients, we know how important it is to seek out a vendor and sub vendors that you have immense trust in.


3. New York Companies and Corporations


Working with New York City based companies is of huge interest to us. Because of the complexities of the modern day workplace, it is important to create a social and leisure environment to accompany to demands and expectations of the modern day workplace.


By giving your employees access to our services you are giving them a dedicated channel to receive ongoing and personalized service to make their lives in New York City more dynamic, more pleasant, and therefore more productive.


4. Buildings and Real Estate


Buildings and Real Estate is another focus of ours. What we can do is create a subtle but stylized concierge and leisure program for your building to create a living experience that accentuates and enhances what it means to live in New York City.


Our services can either be in house or off site, and dynamic pricing allows for your clients to opt out or opt in to our service.


We are an unobtrusive brand that is more focused on blending in with your property, working closely with you to listen and understand your tenants and make your property a true how that rises above the other properties in New York

5. Cell Phone Stores

6. Bodegas

7. Home Based Agents

8. Real Estate Agents

9. Referrals

10. Direct to Consumers

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