When people visit New York, they generally experience the following feelings:

1. They never want to leave. | Buy | Year Lease

2. They want to come back and visit on a recurring basis. | Hotels | Alternative Accomdations

3. The want to look for work here or visit for a season or a year or two. | Employment

4. They want to remain in contact with New Yorkers, New York businesses and brands, and stay current on New York based news, trends and happenings. | The Subway Shop  | Baynes Book | Pictures


We are interested in helping you build a relationship with the City of New York to help you make money, make contacts -- for when you visit, for jobs, to do business deals, to develop your personal and professional brand, and to generally "keep one foot in New York". | Networking |  Employment | New York Branding


We are here to help you do so -- and "be a part of it all".

Immediate ways you can invest or make money here in New York:

1. Utilize us a a New York Mailing Address

2. Utilize us as an agent for your personal brand, professional brand, or small business.

3. Work as a guest bartender (great for social media, pictures, brand building, and making some cash).

4. Use our personal and professional network to seek out jobs. We specialize in casual work, primarily in the robust hospitality industry.


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