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February 25, 2018


Kensington, the Brooklyn neighborhood that we are based out of, has a very large Bengali population. Bengalis are in full force in New York City -- primarily in Brooklyn and Queens, and are one of the fastest growing immigrant groups in the entire city. A very prosperous community who leverage each other's talents to create a strong force and flourishing community. Construction, taxi/ride sharing, and food and beverage are large industries. 


Of course, being all the way over here in New York, there is a high demand for culinary creature comforts from back home.


I saw this Big Rig parked near our store, and naturally wanted to know more. 



As I write more and more about Big Rigs, and as our Writing section progresses, I want to put some focus on the under appreciated design prowess offered by these vehicular behemoths. I am a fan of the white space, with the Rusk biscuits layered out on top, and the full packaged box out to the right. It is not a busy design -- it is quite elegant and makes you want to grab a biscuit or maybe the whole box. The logo is prominently placed, but I wonder if they should/could have listed the name of the company on the body of the big rig instead of just the driver section. 


Kashmir Crown Baking is a British brand, based in Bradford. But their American distribution goals led them to work with a distributor and licensee in Linden, New Jersey -- of course to be near their loyal customers in the Tri-State. The truck takes a heavy industrial route -- riding over the Goethals Bridge and Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and then through South Brooklyn. 



The Rusks are made here in Linden, close enough to maintain a fresh product and to satiate our most urgent hungers.


Here are a few words about the industrious founder:


"The bakery began in Bradford in 1966 by Mohammed Saleem, who had just £55 to his name, a single oven and a dream to open a shop selling Asian confectionary. It was here in 1970 that Saleem stumbled across his own perfect recipe for Crown Cake Rusks – this secret recipe is still used today, and is closely guarded by the company!"


Now I've had quite a few Cake Rusks in my day, and they sure are a treat. They can be dipped into coffee, tea, milk, or eaten dry. When eaten dry they do crumble quite easily -- so you will want to use a plate of some sort. When dunked in a beverage, they melt in your mouth. They're light like a wafer, but have a bread-like quality to them in terms of substance and nutrition. You can make a small meal out of these, in part because it is so hard to stop eating them.




If you ever make it out to our welcome space in Kensington, please reference this piece, and we will have some of these together, with some coffee or tea. My treat, of course!!


Thank you so much for reading. 




Featured: Kashmir Crown Baking LLC | 710 West Linden Avenue | Linden, NJ 07036


Kashmir Crown Baking in Linden is a distributor, so it would only makes sense to make a large order from them. You may be able to find these at your local grocery store or specialty retailer, but if not do not hesitate to trek it here to Kensington (F/G to Church Ave) to pick them up one of many Bengali stores.


You can also purchase them online at: or at a higher price on Amazon if you do most of your business with them at


You can read a bit more at : and at

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