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August 22, 2018


It was a bit of a short summer. The heat arrived late and departed early. This summer is so bland and uneventful, mired in political noise, that I will refrain from writing about it.


As everyone settles into the fall season, this is really where you can see New York shine. The more comfortable temperatures yield a more even keeled temperament around town. The madness and mania of summer is gladly closed out. Not to mention the thick air and thick odors.


The perennial familiarity that football season provides gives the city a fresh spirit. Week 1 is a pulsating with hope and excitement. No other American sport engenders and embodies the distinctly American “there’s always next year” sentiment.


 It’s an interesting phenomenon to see the mosaic of football apparel that New Yorkers from far and wide proudly don. It’s an interesting reversal – during football season it’s way cooler to be a transplant, and the more obscure your city of origin or more painful the reputation of your team, the more respect is given. Bills and Bengals fans are awarded major street credibility.


The Yankees are going to make a push, and we will party a little bit to commemorate. On September 22nd, we will have an open bar from 4 to 6 to cheer or hate on the Yanks.


Keep your ears peeled for our Knicks and Nets offerings. Regardless of how each team ends up playing, we will work to make the event an event in of itself.


FOOD AND BEVERAGE | Introduction of Second Saturdays


I like to reiterate as much as possible that I am not a foodie. I’m the only non-foodie in America! This segment of our business is decidedly unsophisticated – but you have a myriad of very good internet and television food media to cover you in this regard. Our food and beverage wing is primarily about enjoying oneself in a decent atmosphere at a reasonable cost.


We are instituting Second Saturdays, which is a way for our readers to meet up and enjoy each other and enjoy “the town”. Whether you fancy yourself refined or rambunctious, we will be able to offer our own opinion after the open bar specials that are at each event. They generally run from 30 dollars to 40 dollars for Beer and Wine, 40 to 50 dollars for Call Open Bar, and 55 to 65 for top shelf.  

Please refer to our Calendar for further details


Talk later,


Patrick Baynes | HSNY | patrick@handshakenewyork.com | 212-729-1150


Thank you sincerely for your time and attention.

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