Frequently Asked Questions | A set us hypothetical questions for us.

Client: What do you offer?

We have gathered what we have decided is the most relevant information for you as a consumer in New York. And in the clearest possible, we’ve selected the products, services and content that we at that moment to be most impressive to our general audience. These selections change rapidly.

You can trust us to save you time and money, and tell a clear story about the ever changing city of New York -- and the of course best ways to engage with it 

With that said: we are not a static website, or a list of services, or a collection of products. We will meet you at a favorite bar, walk you around town, or have lunch with you on the side of a New York street. We are a dynamic small business that wants to tell a story.


Client:: Why do I need your services?

New York can be chaotic. This high speed experience can often use some organized context and a singular point of view.


Every day we try to clarify and refine our message to our clients. What should you be seeking out when you visit New York? Are you doing too much, too little? Where should you stay? 

Are you here for the sights, the nightlife, the shopping, to capture the energy and spirit of the city?


Client: What kind of person is this for? Am I a client that you can add value for?

We are a small team with a large network. This works great for our clients -- you receive dedicated service from myself and our small team.


And through our wide reach of professional and personal friendships, it allows us access and reach all over the city -- in all of the nooks and crannies. Bartenders, drivers, financiers and executives, young professionals -- you will step right into our network.

If you wish to receive service and attach yourself to the New York spirit, and not just transact with the city, we are the company you are going to want to work with. We keep in touch with our clients long after they leave New York -- it is a friendship.

Most people have their opinions about the best things to do in New York. 

We are different in that we have created a centralized platform for you to navigate and simplify and personalized the experience you want to build for yourself

Additionally, the friendliness of our service is largely unmatched. We operate with patience -- listening is our best attribute -- even more so than explaining.


Client: What's your story? I want to hear about you.

I have been working in New York City hotels on and off  since the year 2008. My first non-part time job in New York City was washing dishes in the Oak Room at The Plaza Hotel. 


What always fascinated me about hotels in particular was the authority granted to a property and its employees to shape and guide a visitor’s experience. Whether working the desk, in guest services, or in any other capacity, I was always flattered when a guest would listen to and take a suggestion.


Our business is an effort to extrapolate that small power into an independent enterprise where we have the opportunity have you attention and to convey New York City in its truest essence.


Client: Why should I trust you!?

You should trust us because of our many years in the New York hospitality industry, The people we have engaged with over the years express to us our unique ability to succinctly and clearly explain the complexities and pleasantries of the city.

Our broad travel industry knowledge, our ability to listen and convey, and our mission to truly make you leave New York with the best impressions of the city is what makes us... us.


Our client feedback always speaks to our kindness in service, our broad knowledge base, and the true concern for the client's well-being.


Client: What's next for your company? How will you stay ahead of the curve?

We like to think of ourselves as a dynamic operation that adapts along with the the face pace of New York.


When an activity loses its luster or falls out of favor, we do not hesitate to de-emphasize it from our presentation.


We wish to be all-encompassing and tell the story of new York City better than any other enterprise, or even writer or publication.


The story or New York is best experienced and engaged with rather than merely read or watched. Our blend of the traditional New York experience and aura, along with the cutting edge capabilities of the city makes for an exciting final product.

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