This map is designed to showcase carefully selected offerings in  the New York region.

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A little bit about us: we guide and assist our clients in reserving hotel rooms, selecting tours, entertainment and activities, arranging transportation, securing dining accommodations, and procuring tickets to New York sporting events, concerts and elusive Broadway shows.

Accommodations: Hotel Stays | Alternative Accommodations | Monthly Sublets | Yearly Rentals | Buy New York Real Estate

Food + Drink: We have documented different ways to save money or increase value to your food and beverage plans in New York. We have listed our partnerships with restaurants that offer amenities such as appetizers, desserts, and drinks, a collection of very well priced prix-fixe meals, and a collection of discounts, some of which are offered though partner vendors.

We operate our own tours and events, each of which are detailed below. Additionally, we operate an e-commerce store , named The Subway Shop for you to purchase physical products to commemorate your affection for New York City.

Our tours and events are designed to bring our clients together and create the energy that New York City is world famous for.


By maintaining a vast array of "high touch" relationships with the hospitality and service professionals most eager to host and service you, we allow our clients to navigate New York and the Tri-State Region in a way that is most hospitable, and with a level of service that is beyond what the typical visitor and client will experience.

Our focus and mission is to deliver reliable, reasonable, and flexible service to our valued and growing client base.

Thank You for your Time and Attention.

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